A Landscape Of The Fairyland

Poem By East Sea Fairy Xing Yi

BY YAN Jidao Translated by East-sea Fairy

Awaken just now from a dreamland,
I'm faintly confused and stupefied.
The waters and clouds on the landscape of the fairyland
Look as misty and far at the skyline where the immortals reside.
I sat up and tried,
Tried, tried, tried I to unfolded a piece of red letter pad
to write a letter to tell you what in my heart I hide.
My sweetheart, I can only tell you that I'm sad,
the spring scene makes me long to see you, my love, my lad.

I've lingered time and time again
at riverside on the tower high.
That's the very place where with a lot of pain
you bade me goodbye.
I feel more grieved and heart-broken nigh.
With thousands of mountains and waters the southern land is clad,
How can I make my distress disappear and die?
For there in the flow below the tower, my sweet tad,
flows the yearning tears I shed when I leaned against the rails and cried bad.

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