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A Lass From A Volcano Isle
SS ( / Dharan)

A Lass From A Volcano Isle

A Lass from a Volcano Isle (Satis Shroff)

I come from a volcano isle on the Atlantic
She said softly with smiling blue eyes.
You're from the north so you're good natured,
Or do you flare up like southerners?
I don't explode but Eyjafallajökull does.
She meant the volcano glacier.

We also have a lot of glaciers, I replied.
We haven't harnessed them.
Oh, we have geothermic spas and plants
Where I come from we eat linseed and rice.
We eat Ha´karl, shark and whale meat.
We prefer yak sukuti, dried meat.

Are you your father's daughter?
Yes, I'm Stina Johannsdottir,
And threw up her blonde hair back.
I gazed and gazed,
The days of wine and roses are long over,
Only the happy memories remain,
Of a lass from a volcano isle.

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