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A Last Lament

Its almost time, an end draws near
Footsteps measured, I’m filled with dread
I write this in the arms of fear
Must write it now or leave unsaid.

…for we would go a roving,
A roving across the hills of life
And share all things together
Together, as man and wife.

I know not the paths we’d take
Take gullies or the bush.
But would do all for freedom,
Freedom from the push.

While ever this wild heart it beats,
It beats for you alone.
We wouldn’t live a life just wondering,
Wondering, but turning unturned stone.

I see you in your bridal wear,
Wear it strong and proud.
For you and I would stand apart,
Apart from all the crowd.

I see you in what I’ve forged,
Forged with passions strong.
Let no one think they can sully,
Sully our vision long.

And what of kids we would have,
Have to hold and cherish.
Let us keep them clean and strong
Strong and do not perish.

As I take the thirteen steps,
Steps away from you.
You will only be in my thoughts,
My thoughts will all be true.


The light grows as dawn nears
My thoughts write on in haste,
I lament what could have been
And now is such a waste.

It is such,
Such is life

Ned Kelly

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