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A Late Night Call!
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

A Late Night Call!

To many hours spent upon the road,
my return, a most lonely entrance,
times separation has left empty space,
leaving need of wanting eminence.

As I enter the room....darkness,
like everyone has fallen' from vision,
the lonely glow of a single candle,
tells the story of all that is known.

Switch of light, illuminates shadows,
and my true, I now must bare,
huddled in corner, covered in blanket,
is my sweet Lady, oh so fair.

Ever so slowly, place a kiss on her brow,
as not to startle, my sleeping beauty,
with exhale of lengthen breath,
state of rest is her moody.

Slowly I lift her, carrying to the loft,
the room of our sacred bed,
many a night, we dance between sheets,
yet tonight she shall lay her head.

Somberly, I retire to her side,
as to not awaken her more,
a long day has been her journey,
and this moment I find a'more.

So let her rest in peaceful slumber,
for tomorrow there be 'ell to pay,
she'll awaken to her loving kids,
and I once again......gone away..

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Comments (13)

Amazing Work! I loved it.
Another amazing piece of poetry! Very methodical piece that is so clear and easy to see because of your imagery and your choice of word placement... It is always nice to see, or hear of a relationship like that...I also feel so blessed to have one like that as well. Thank you so much for sharing.......U R a great poet. (((ten out of 10.))) =shelley=
There is such a tenderness in this poem. It makes me long for that kind of relationship!
Wow...Those are long hours spent on the road Geoff...Very touching poem. I know the feeling of coming home to a sleeping house...and then there's P.H! ! Hugs, Dee
Very gothic, nice one
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