A Late Night Call!

To many hours spent upon the road,
my return, a most lonely entrance,
times separation has left empty space,
leaving need of wanting eminence.

by Geoff Warden Click to read full poem

Comments (13)

Amazing Work! I loved it.
Another amazing piece of poetry! Very methodical piece that is so clear and easy to see because of your imagery and your choice of word placement... It is always nice to see, or hear of a relationship like that...I also feel so blessed to have one like that as well. Thank you so much for sharing.......U R a great poet. (((ten out of 10.))) =shelley=
There is such a tenderness in this poem. It makes me long for that kind of relationship!
Wow...Those are long hours spent on the road Geoff...Very touching poem. I know the feeling of coming home to a sleeping house...and then there's P.H! ! Hugs, Dee
Very gothic, nice one
A knight in shining armour, armed with the finest of pens, you are, to be sure, sire! t x
This is such a tender poem, cast with such wonderful consideration and kindness Well done Geoff 'Somberly, I retire to her side, as to not awaken her more, a long day has been her journey, and this moment I find a'more.' Love duncan X
I really like this poem.. Good one Geoff
O so dear to let me sleep and just place a kiss on the cheek.....as early mornings do get me down, U know I need my beauty sleep.....So tonight we can dance between the sheets....... Love Tracey......
Romance and care in one packaged heart so fine. Great poem kind sir. Very inTENse writing. God bless all poets-MJG.
Sir Geoff of the last of the Romeo's>>>Fine Penning, here...Sounds to me you're a 'Travelin Man', Big on th' Rig & workin hard on th' night shifts! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''F j R
nice piece of work. very moving!
What a lovely read Geoff, so romantic as you sweep her up in your arms and take her up to bed...... and to know that you are gone again but still feel this way time after time shows great commitment! Wonderful! HG: -) x