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A Late Summer Breeze! ! ! !
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

A Late Summer Breeze! ! ! !

In the cool air of late September,
the change of season has brought,
A breeze of whispered words serenade,
and the Love of my souls taunt
The crisp Septembers air has whispered
the unseen Love she has spoke of breeze
that rendered its essence, cleaning rooms
Lighting the darkest pathways of my soul
I shall surrender to such empathic touch
and whispered words on winds breath
A fairy tales fable of such undying Love
has found its way to my hearts rest

The blindness of one`s eyes when closed
by the minds need too so rationalize
yet in setting free your Love on breeze
has opened the door to which other wise locked
first step...second step...together we shall take
on wings that soar this Love we shall make
passions fury of flickering flame
embrace of moment there shall be know shame
I unto you, you unto me,
A fairytale dream has been set free
so from this day forth no if`s no why`s
the truth of Love has covered the lies....

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Comments (8)

Geoff, You evoke so many thoughts and feelings in this poem. I loved it. Marilyn
Souls connecting on a late summer breeze...beautiful Geoff, simply beautiful.
Hi Geoff, Beautiful poem, but I am not sure of the last line the truth of love covers the lies. Kind makes the reader think that love is just a lie. Take care.
The truth of love has covered the lies, now there is a great line Thankyou for this one Love duncan X
A fairytale dream set free.....Can you send the breeze my way too? : -) Lovely write Geoff TO
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