A Laugh, A Cry

A cry,
A laugh,
A moment to rejoice in the sweetest taste of inspiration.
Heavenly hymns given by the fixture of your lips.
Another moment to take in the scriptures
written in the clouds.
Small wrinkles that pass in front of us as moments.
Surely not taken for granted.
We held hands as the sky held the clouds.
Our lips watered as we smelled rain in the air.
Our dreams became soaked with the thought
of each other.
Moistened by the sermons preached by the
angel tears that fell among us.
A laugh,
A cry.

by Kewayne Wadley

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Comments (13)

I have had the pleasure of reading Kewayne's poetic 'gifts'. And he has TALENT. His depictions and use of imagery is masterful. 'A Laugh, A Cry' is a great piece of art. Thank you, kewayne.
Beautiful words expressed, Thank You
Nice work.... i like this line as well: Another moment to take in the scriptures written in the clouds
Yeah, this is called life. Sometimes sunny, sometimes dark. But it will go on till there is an end. Very nicely done. Enjoyed. Thanks for sharing and congrats.
Kewayne, this is very well done. I enjoyed reading it. Congrats on having it selected as poem of the day!
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