A Laughing Mirror

I have a laughing mirror,
When a wave of proud,
Far from the humble banks,
Attacks my body,
Attacks my soul,
Disturbs my balance,
I see my face,
In the laughing mirror.

I have a laughing mirror,
When ugliness of someone,
Shuts down my eyelids,
My soul is angry,
Warns and instructs,
Open your eyes,
And see your face,
In the laughing mirror.

Tears come out,
I am frustrated,
How I ugly I am!
How selfish I am!
And I am proud of myself!
Shame on me!
Someone whispers in ears,
You have a plane mirror too.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (10)

A very Unique kind of a poem but a good one
It's good to be able to laugh at ourselves with all our flaws the mirror can humble us and make us see the reality of who we are! Powerful write with great message!
Usually, our egos always keep us many steps above than the reality. There, the mirror plays it's role to tell us and show us where we stand actually. Very nice eye opener.
My mirror never pretend me. When I laugh he laughs when I weep he weeps. A true friend indeed. A nice concept.. Regards/
A nice poem with unique theme but I know why to see ugliness on others I tried to take the beauty from the ugliest to beautify me..thanks fourlovey write
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