A Lawyer And His Son

Once there was an old lawyer,
practising law many many years.
As he was famous,
he had many clients.
He defended for sentences more lenient.
He argued for the verdict 'Not guilty'
to make his clients free and happy.
But it cost them years of mental anguish.
while he was paid with money very big.

He sent his son,
to a big city called London,
to study for a law degree
and get the highest PhD.

Then the son came back
More than his dad,
he was very famous.
He finished all his dad's old cases,
expecting his dad's praises.
But instead he was almost sacked,
as his dad was very mad,
scolding him that rapid ending of those cases cut the income,
and thus making yourself poor was like a foolish bum.

by U Win Kyi

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