A Lawyer's Joke

'Mr. Pleader, you aren't a fool
Just to violate the rule,
But you're a criminal lawyer,
Aware of the King's Order.'

'Only His Majesty's Royal Coach
Shall have four horses,
But why your coach
Was driven by four horses? '

'You're found guilty of this offense
What do you say for this in defense? '
The learned judge asked,
While the pleader coolly replied: '

'My Lord, count them not
By their heads, but
Lift their tails and see.
Then you'll set me free.'

Tails one, two and three revealed
The three horses he tied,
And the fourth one, a mare
Appeared very smart and fair.

The entire Court burst into laughter
O'er the joke of the lawyer.
It was needless to say thereafter,
The said rule covered also Mare.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

Comments (2)

a smart work. full credit to RRJI for telling a simple joke very poetically. a poem tale on horse tail...
Great tale with humor.