Sad This Christmas

Christmas time is getting near
I don't have much Christmas cheer
Pain from the past much on my mind
To all my loved ones, I'll be kind
Thinking about those, I lost in the past
Wanting this to be over, pretty fast
Don't want to shop or go to the store
For me this year a real sad chore
I don't even want to put up a tree
But I can't think about only me
I'll have to wear a mask this year
And hope I don't shed a single tear
My family needs to think I'm happy
I'll hide my feeling's, feeling crappie
Merry Christmas to all of you
And I will smile, as if on cue!

by Donna Nimmo

Comments (10)

A very nice poem indeed dear poet
Oh, my goodness, this is so very lovely and so very true to the fisherman's real reason to go fishing! ! ! Love the alliteration in almost every line- -it paints the picture with soft relaxed hues.- - - Among the river's rustling reeds. No ripple stirs the placid pool, - - -A treasure.and a gift is a lazy day.
Overall I like this poem and relate to Dunbar’s enjoyment in the scene surrounding him. One little false note, speaking poet-craft-wise, is his use of bleeds. Not a fisherman myself, I read his truce to sport as an admission he’s really interested in the surroundings and less in catching anything. -GK
Such a wonderful write by Paul Laurence Dunbar👍👍👍
a lazy tone- I pause with half uplifted oar, While night drifts down to claim the shore. greatly crafted
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