A Lazy Summer's Day

There’s no sound of anger or of annoyance,
There’re neither cars racing on the highway
Nor that highway for them to race on,
There’re neither kids chanting on the playground
Nor bells calling us to Christianity.
There’s neither the cracking of the sky
Nor the persistent rain pattering on my roof.
There’s no couple arm in arm to admire the magnificent view
There’re no drums to feed our ears
Nor sirens to steal the boredom away
There’s no unfamiliar wing creeping underneath the November afternoon
Nor floods to enshroud the thirsty grounds
The land lies lonely out here
On this lazy summer’s day
There’s no pollution to poison the airs
Nor forests to give them life
All I hear is the hushing sound of the wind
Assisting the sand to fall into beautiful undulations

by Stella Sisanda Qishi

Comments (2)

it does not happen often does it? , in the UNITED KINGDOM OF RAIN
Meaningful eloquence of silence I adore. Thanks.10.