A Legend About Two Stars

Poem By Ekaterina Polishchuk

A lot of stars are in the sky,
They are all golden, bright and shy.
They live for love, create life dreams,
When wind about pain screams.
They are sun-rays for dark night face,
For our feelings, any place
That touches purple serpentine
And sees of sunset magic line.
Two stars were living in welkin,
Like clown lives with harlequin,
Like wings of angel on the back,
They were two friends who got a crack.
When one stars` petals went to sleep,
The others didn`t faith keep.
Began to dance with new dreams world,
Betrayed the star, its soul sold.
It gave a lot of tears to heart
And made the mind a legend start,
To write about cold and freeze,
To die again, crying squeeze…
And now two friends don`t want to speak,
One lives with pride, the second`s freak.
The first does not freak understand,
And that is why the friendship`ll end…
A lot of stars are in the sky
But love and hope we cannot bye.
A galaxy was of two stars,
They were for God eternal grass.

Comments about A Legend About Two Stars

It was so good to hear from you again, it must be quite some time since we first chatted via poet hunter. It was really good to have correspondence from you as it put a nice smile on my face. It is good to read your poems as it allows to interact with your soul. Maybe two hearts could collide to create a symphony.
A most beautiful story! The moral...let the children and they'll hear the wisdom from you our most precious poet!
'' They were two friends who got a crack. When one stars` petals went to sleep, The others didn`t faith keep '' it is a sorry state of the condition of two friends...the world take pity! but the things revolve as the stars revolve for their own cause...we can't alter things but we can try.........only...
Nice story incorporated in this very well written poem. The moral of the story is great
High-five, to the poet! He choice of rare words and subtle expressions hit my heart with plethora of feelings, I no these 2 lines but most of the lines are special as the powers of the poem flowed perfectly..... To write about cold and freeze, To die again, crying squeeze… Yes I understand your deep meaning yup sometimes friendship break because of pride and egos and also freak mind anyways, this poem touched the chords of my heart! 10++++++++++++++

4,6 out of 5
4 total ratings

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