A Legend In His Own Mind

Poem By moon batchelder

he's smug, opinionated and controlling
manipulative, self-absorbed and vain.
a know-it-all know-nothing
while extolling
virtues never once he has attained.

he's full of pompous airs and condescending.
there's little he regards withouth disdain.
as boring as a joke without
an ending;
yet imagines he is witty and urbane.

he's a legend in his own mind, notwithstanding
the fact that no one's ever heard his name.
no feats of derring do, or
villains branding;
yet thinks he should be famous, all the same.

Comments about A Legend In His Own Mind

OK so remind me to never cross, , , , , , , , , , , , , , a poet an' her muse....great write
I like dis poem, thank u. remindz me ov Don Quixote.

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