TTO ( / Washington State)

~a Lesson~

Words are our greatest resource
Used diligently when in dire need
Capitalizing upon information garnered
Makes for a very very hearty seed...

Planting the seed of New knowledge
Planting the seed of God's Light
Waiting for its growths fruition
Keeps us in Gods strengthening might...

Comes the ripening in early Spring
Strengthened with proof most positve
Fertilized and cultivated tenaciously
In full bloom, The Truth, it does live...

Sure as Eastertide soulfully reminds us
Of what he did for us so long ago
Dying in sheer and absolute sufference
With Him in your life, you shall always know!

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Comments (5)

Living with good spiritual spirit in our hart makes us see things on its goodness, it make us strong in everything we do. Thanks for sharing, it gives inspiration mam! Worth the 10.
sometimes words fall on deaf ears, an example, the trial of Jesus. it still is a worldly poem you have written in perfect English AJS
Thank you for this poem it is very true, great work
Marci, Thank you, as always, sweetone! Have a great visit with your grandbabies1 Hugs, Theo
Praise the Lord, for glory be, you use them so VERY WELL...Well written as always, Theodora.~ ~ ~mm.xo~ ~ ~