i try
and i try
but find it hard
for me to get the best of marks
i have never ever been the smartest
or the strongest

but i all ways knew i had talent
when it came to writing
but that does not mean i can spell vary well
and so that is why i write from my heart
and i think you will understand
if you read some of my poems
and stories

so not the best but not the worst
but i still hope that someday
i will be writhing stories
so the world could enjoy
the world that i create
with just my pen and a peace of paper
and my imagination

so fall in to the world
that i have made for you
and feel
i don't know what you will feel
but all i can hope for
is that you will enjoy it

by sara taira

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it is the theory of Relative Truth...we learn every thing as relative to our own existence...good imagination and presentation...10
Dear Sir, You Certainly Are Very Clear-Sighted, And See Things In Your Own Way. Very Nice Poem.
What an enchanting story poem! My applause for this one, Rajaram. Your letter friend, sandra
wonderfully wonderful! .