MA (5/2/1973 / Muscat- Oman)

The Ultimate Red Rose

Like a red rose, He's vibrant
Like a dove, He's pure
Luke the great physician proclaims:
He THE ALMIGHTY can cure

Like a connecting bridge, He's the gap
The gap to restoration
A bridge of hope, peace, and love
that we leave abomination

Out of Egypt He led
Out of bondage He fed
Out of pain and Bakka Valleys
Our Lord is ruler of the dead.

Still leading and feeding there is no cost
but to repent, be baptized, and receive from the boss
He paid the price; redemption is found
from a Rose called Jesus Christ

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Wow brilliant invitation to d glory of Islam. What a fine letter. Great of u to tink of homin pigeons. n doves r a symbol of peace. Gud to read u again bro.
Great write. It conveys a message so needed in our times, but the way managed to do it in so few words is praise worthy. Thanks for sharing this one.
wonderful poem, very well penned to convey such an important message 10
nice poem nice words full of great meaning 10+++++++
I respect your fine sentiments, Mohammed, and I read your letter of peace.
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