A Letter.

I want you to know that your everything I could ever dream of and more.
You make me more happy than I've ever been.
More than I thoguht was possible for me.
You make me so happy its makeing me cry...
I'm so confused on what I did to get someone like you.
How in the world is it possible for there to be someone as perfect as you?
I never knew it was possible for there to be someone like you in this world let alone me find you.
But I have found you and now I'm scared to lose you...
I know that I'll do what ever it takes to keep you here.
But will you do the same?

I love you and I hope you never go away...

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i loved the poem i loved the feeling and the language it looks like a hit song style what a beautiful poem and what a lucky guy.... i gave it a ten on rating