A Letter For My Brother In The Institution Place

Poem By Hannah Miller

Before you read this poem i want to explain it. It's for my brother who is in an institution for drugs. I hated him before he left and now i miss him! THis is for him. Feel free to send this to your brothers or whatever.

I'm putting my heart and soul into this letter. You can eather tear it up, or read it and understand it. No one told me to write this, I am doing it myself. Ryan your my brother and I love you. Ever sence you have been gone, I have realized that I miss and love you more and more everyday. When your around, I never remember cause I always am thinking bad about you, not the good. But when I try and think about the good, nothing comes up. With you gone, my love for my favorite ((and only)) brother grows more and more and soon it's going to jump out of me. Maybe it already has, thats why people say I am so much like you. Before you left, and someone would say that, I would tell them to be quiet and take it as an insult. If people say it now. I'll just smile and say thankyou, because I'm not ashamed anymore. but that smile won't be a full or real smile, because if I'm just like you there has to be some drug thing involved, right? I don't want that. I want to thankyou for being such a great excample of what not to do OR become. I've pormised many people I wont end up like you, or walk in your shoes. I wnat to be strong like you, though. I want to be funny, cool, sweet, and hardworking like you. But you need to show me that. But before you show me, I think you need to show yourself. I'll keep my head held high while your gone, and I will always remember that Friday night yu came up to my room and helped me feel better, and you helped me reaize how hard Junior High is going to be. Thank you for that. As i have been saying this whole message, I love you. But this drug thing is killing me. I hope you can stop. But if you can't stop, i understand, but can you at least cut back? ! ? Not only will I love it but everyone else will. You have no idea how many people care and love you. You still have a chance to get back Mom and Dad's trust. You still have a chance to make a life and live it to the fullest! Please try and take that chance! I love you Ryan. I hope i get to talk to you soon.


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