A Letter From God

Poem By Cassandra Boyd

My child, why do you cry? Why do you grieve?
when you know all you have to do is believe.
I am the Omnipotent One,
all your troubles shall be gone.

Each trial and test I give to you,
is a testimony of how your faith will see you through.
My promises I will always keep,
but of course, you have to work with me.
This journey of life is a joint effort,
but I will make up the difference
at times when you fall short,
I’ll walk beside you as any friend would
and carry you when times aren’t so good.

Surely, I love you more than you could ever know,
My light will shine on you wherever you go.
So dry your eyes and wipe your face,
shout Hallelujah!
as you witness my benevolent grace.
Glorify my name with your kindness and good deeds
and I will supply all your needs.

Walk with faith, do not doubt
from troubles I will bring you out.
Talk with me everyday,
I want to hear what you have to say.
The lessons you learn, we can review
to make certain your understanding is true.

My guidance is a never ending stream
that’s always available when you’re in need.
You’re not perfect, I know this is true,
because I am not done molding you.

So when you are feeling troubled, unworthy or unloved
just lift your voice and hands to the heavens above.
I will always answer your cries and I’ll be there to dry your eyes.
If you can’t imagine how much I could love someone,
remember I gave you my only Son.

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i was tearing up a little, extremely profound every piece that tha you post, thank you so much for sharing! ! !

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