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A Letter From Soweto
MO (march 12 / ikirun in osun state)

A Letter From Soweto

Poem By Micheal Olaniyi

A letter from soweto?
I wonder to whom is this paper to,
but as the note goes thus
i realize it's from a good friend.
'missing you like no other,
wishing you are like the golden sunrise
which i could wake
and tell all my pains and gains,
which i could see very close
and gist of my achievement in soweto,
but all you need to know
is because of you i never let go,
thanks for your inspirational back-up...'
i twitched, glanced behind,
only my shadow could be seen,
but where cometh his voice
which i heard as i read through?
My face was beamed with a wide-spread grin
and the eyes full with tear-drop,
in which just a blink will make a salty stream.
Its a mixed feeling,
for gone are the days,
gone are the time,
but perhaps someother day
we shall see again.

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