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A Letter From The Soul To The Mind
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A Letter From The Soul To The Mind

Poem By Ivy Christou

A day later and I’m still here,
I’m sorry that I didn’t disappear
as you wanted me to,
I’m sorry that I’ll be the reason
for your suffering in the future,
I’m sorry that I can’t leave you alone,
like everyone else.
But you and me are one..

Love: Your Soul

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Comments (11)

Maybe one day mind and soul will be reconciled. Gina.
I like this a lot, Ivy. The mind and the soul are so often in conflict; this is true for me... 'A day later and I'm still here'. Probably not, but this sounds a bit like a suicide survivor, for what is suicide but an attempt to kill both (even more than the body) ? Thank you for this.
ah, so true and so well captured! If only the soul cared about the mind; then again, we probably wouldn't have poetry...
Real great poetic imagination.when in thick love you may feel that the lover and you are soul and mind, inseperable
thanks for commenting on my poem. i love your writing style, cant wait to read more