A Letter From You...) |(

Dear farmer dell,

Many are the days since I riased
the flag on our pole..slippery I am
sure that it is..relaxing on the bow
of a much larger boat have..I..been
The shaft holding the prop..exceeds
factory specifecations...I was in need
of a doctor..in a hurridly fashion........
The doctor nearly lost his arm in the
prop..trying to change my empellor.
Languid days...partys make..spared
none..checking breeding credentials
of the fops..hiding in uncropped hair
thumbs indictative short commings.
Blessed is the queen square shorts
have I that she spared..denuded top
expose the busts of time standing still.
My excersion boat will soon depart for
my next thrill..I do not miss the dell....
therein the cows do dwell in maddness
brain.boneapart...I take my leave...is) it(..
waiting..? ....) it(s..vain..I..know.......
Love..) it(..is I whom waits for no
boats..rescue...) it(..is found
of..) it(s..dell...) within it(..dwells

by James McLain

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superb.keep it up.please coment on my poem, ode to my penzie.