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My Thoughts Of Suicide
(1887-1915 / Warwickshire / England)

My Thoughts Of Suicide

Here I sit and write this poem
Thinking of all I love and all I hate
Thoughts of suicide thinking its my fate
I think of all the times I used to laugh
And now I wish I'd just die
How did so much misery come in to my life
And now all I have are thoughts of suicide
Crying every night is not the way to live
Heck I'm still a kid
I should be out hanging with all my friends
But these thoughts of suicide haunt my head
Will they care when I am gone
When nothings left expect my thoughts
And this small poem telling everyone
I will be no more in about an hour
Don't try to save me
Just save your tears
Nothing can stop me
Because i have thoughts of suicide
Heres to the end my dear friend
I hope you live life through
This is the end to this girls life
And all her thoughts to boot
Nothing there but my thoughts my secret thoughts of suicide

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Comments (4)

Υπέροχο στυλ ποίημα που χαϊδεύει το νου!
Ears satiate With the clamorous, timorous whisperings of to-day, Thrilled to perceive once more the spacious voice. a great poem indeed.. thank u. tony
The true music of verse,
To be kind this poem drowned itself.