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A Letter To Depression
EM (January 23,1990 / )

A Letter To Depression

Poem By Emily Myers

Breathing isn’t easy when the world starts to collapse
Falling down in pieces my broken life lands in my lap
Unseeing, I stare into a mirror and wonder if I’m worth it
Picking up the razor I pretend that I’m perfect

Pretending isn’t easy when the façade begins to fade
Crumbling into dust my two faced emotions betray
the girl I’ve been hiding underneath a perfect act
An actress sent to center stage without her mask

Living isn’t easy when the only thing to do is die
Bleeding from the anger that my soul has held inside
Searching, I stare into the mirror and wonder who I am
The lonely girl with a broken soul, the sacrificial lamb

Devoting myself to the stainless steel, I bleed away the pressure
Then I wrap away the precious blade, a new scar for me to treasure
Trusting myself with the pain entailed, I allow myself to feel
A new wound forming over those still yet to heal

Trusting isn’t easy when the trust I gave was shattered
Streaming in the wind, my soul waves weak and tattered
Finally I surrender to the shockwaves of emotion
Take away this pain before I succumb to the devotion

Surviving isn’t easy when the enemy strong
Chemically unstable, emotionally too young
I bleed for my heart beat which beats in deceit
But I will overcome this; I am the girl you’ll never beat

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