The Tugu Negara (National Monument)

The Tugu Negara is a tribute to those who fought for our motherland,
Soldiers that sacrificed for our freedom and Malaysian rights to strongly stand,
It is a sculpture to commemorate those who died in Malaysia's struggle for liberty,
The brave and noble warriors who made an impact to our nation's history,

The world's tallest bronze freestanding sculpture grouping holding the Malaysian flag aloft,
That evokes patriotism within as we remember the sacrifices of brave heroes that were lost,
It symbolises leadership, suffering, unity, vigilance, strength, courage and sacrifice,
It is a reminder to all of us that the freedom we take for granted came at a price,

So, let us not forget the value of freedom that our patriotic forefathers fought for,
Let us not forget the great sacrifices our nation's brave heroes made in war,
We must stay patriotic and stand united to protect Malaysia that we love and know,
And through our sacrifices more improvements and progress our nation will show!

by Daya Nandan

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Seamus O'Brian wins The Comment Of The Year Award hands down. In addition, I think we should post poems in our guise as The Protector of the First Lady of Barpolquenisea in a brand new language we just made up if the object is to mystify the members.
I think the last line has something to do with gratitude, sperm, quality cum and foreskin. :)
I would like to take this opportunity to publicly display my ignorance of Latin while congratulating the author on the magnitude of his title and its status as history's most extensive example of name-dropping. Bravo. :)
Well Done Dear Friend! It sure rich to the core of wonder in life. Talks about the abstract of our being. Congrats! Zoila T. Flores
thanks for posting. Can anyone translate the poem into English? 😊