MJC (1/27/92 / Edina, MN)

A Letter To God

Dear God,
I tried to talk to you in a different way.
But I think the Christian Prayer Messaging
Isn't working for me.
So now I hope you're reading this letter
Over my stooped shoulder,
Because I don't know how to get this letter to you.

God, I think that you are disappearing
From my view that is already so blurred.
I can't hear the reassuring voice telling
Me to keep moving forward.
Truthfully, it scares me to say it.
Maybe blurred vision plagues me?

God, I lost the track of life I used to
Live by.
Bitterness is now the path I walk upon
On this very sullen, ash-colored morning.
Destruction lies upon this path,
Chaos is all I hear.
Will you turn me into a bird, so I can fly far away
From this once upon a nightmare?

God, my faith in you is fading
Before me.
The presence of you by my side
Where you used to stand is now
Did you finally give up on me,
The basket case?

God, please give me a sign to
Reassure me that you are
Very much present
At my side.
Instill faith in me once again
As I believed in before.
Stray me away from the path
Of bitterness and despair.
Have me be rid of this
Blurred life.
Convince me you have never left
My side, only quieted your

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Amazing! A very well penned and heart touching write with a taste of spirituality! God is the most faithful friend anybody can have, for he is everywhere and always by your side when you need him the most! Thank you for sharing this thought provoking write! 10+++ God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City...
God is always there, good poem Melissa i love your writing