A Letter To God

Years ago I put my life in your hands,
I promised to follow only your plans.
As I grew my life went astray,
My life fell apart each and every day.
I turned my back on your word,
My anger and resentment slowly stirred.

You got the blame for all that went wrong,
You got the blame when I didn’t belong.
You got the blame for my sorrow and grief,
You got the blame and my disbelief.

Now as I watch as my children grow,
I see the heartache your pain I know.
I am your child as they are mine,
I disobeyed you time after time.
You sat and watched and cried for my sins,
You silently pleaded for me to let you in.

When I came back and knocked at the door,
I had no idea what was in store.
You welcomed me home with open arms,
And promised forever to keep me from harm.
I pleaded with you to forgive all my sin,
You said that you had when you let me in.

God I praise you and all that you are,
For in the story of my life you are the star.
Your book is my guide for all of my life,
Your promise my comfort in all of my strife.
Your gifts are my reward for following you,
Your love gives me hope for a life brand new.

by Luessa Sumner

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