A Letter To Her Husband

Absent upon Public Employment

My head, my heart, mine eyes, my life, nay more,
My joy, my magazine, of earthly store,

by Anne Bradstreet Click to read full poem

Comments (11)

A marvelous melody depicting the state of mind of a lovelorn wife whose husband has gone far away for job leaving her behind to lament his absence and wishing his early return to fulfill her lovely demands. A great classic deserving classic poem of the day.
A loved one dearly missed. Beautiful poem. Kingsley Egbukole
Bone of thy bone, good write
aaawwwwwww what an expressive poem, to die for lines
Very insightful and inspiring poem. Deserving of POD.
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So many steps! ! Thanks for sharing.
WO wonderfully canonizing - I here, thou there, yet both but one. /// nice loving letter
The heartcry of a woman who misses her husband, and finds but little solace in viewing her children, 'true living pictures of their father's face.' But back in those times, men had to go where there was work available... A well-penned poem by Anne Bradstreet.
wonderfully written and expressed BRAVO!