W (11/7/87 / My Depressed Heart)

A Letter To Her

Words Can Never Express How I Feel,
But I love You Jenna,
And You Hurt Me Really Bad Last Night,
You've Known This For A While,
But Kept Up Apperances.
You Had Sex With Me,
Just Because You Were Horny,
I Had Sex With You,
Because I'm In Love.
But Alas,
No More.
It's To Much For Me To Bear.
You Want To Remain Friends.
So That I can Be There
And Watch You Through Your Next Boyfriend?
I'm Good.
I don't want to know About it.
I Swore You Were My Last. And It's True,
You Shall Be.
For I will never Love Another.
Execpt Maybe The Way You,
Loved Me.

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I can relate so much to this. My ex has done this to me soo many times, but i've given her so many chances. More than i should, but i'm in love and that what you do. Girls really know how to hurt you. On a lighter note this was a very heart-felt poem. I loved it! Brandi