A Letter To Love

So tell me about fever dreams,
about the bad checks we scrawl
with our mouths, about destiny
missing last bus to oblivion.

I want to tell lies to the world and believe it.
Speak easy, speak spoken to,
speak lips opening on a bed of nails.

Hear the creaking of cardboard
in these telling shoes?
The mind of my mind
gaping far out of style?

Hear the milling of angels
on the head of a flea?
My broke blood is sorrel, is a lone
mare, is cashing in her buffalo chips.

As we come to the cul-de-sac
of our heart's slow division
tell me again about true
love's bouquet, paint hummingbird
hearts taped to my page.

Sign me over with XXXs
and passion. Seal on the lick
of a phone, my life. And Pay.

And Pay. And Pay.

by Victoria Rabelisoa

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