We Will Survive

A country as rich as ours,
must stand guard as we pray.
For there are those who would love,
to take that freedom away.
God must always be in our midst,
each and every day,
in each and every way.

Suppression sometimes stands in the way.
Depression slows down the coming of a new day.
Oppression will never be our saving grace.
So we must concentrate on God’s precious race.

Living with fear is near,
for we know not what to expect.
God is truth and grace,
for he will take care of the human race.
If we keep Him first in our lives,
we are certain to survive.

Written: July 3,2007

by Melvina Germain

Comments (28)

Ann-This is so touching. The loss of the memories and or not having time to create those lasting moments, questions that won't be answered, Thank you for this poem.
Verily, a heart touching poem, ........10
This poem touched my soul, thank you for sharing this Ann.....
A lovely poem. I believe our loved ones are permitted to be with us and watch over us sometimes. My own father lived to be 86 but my mother only made it to 44. Thank you for sharing this poem with us.
Thank you Claudia, very nice. Loosing a father is hard at any age you obviously have some lovely memories. regards Ann
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