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I may be a stranger
but if I praise you
for genuine reasons
more than your expectations
you may not believe me
you may treat it as flattery
you may think of
any malafide interest
you may term it as a drama
and you may be cautious
in your approach towards me
does it mean
I can't praise you?
if I advance two steps forward
you retreat one step backward
the thumb rule emerging out:
don't praise too much.

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you use all i know about poetry in this, and it sounds too good very poignant write
I know my darling You are angry with me You must have thought me a coward, a liar and an escapist Yes, you are right I have escaped from you Because, I loved another woman a mother My motherland. Sir......your love for your country is so much evident in your poems.....and the way.......the mood of the poetry changes is fantastic......it starts with a plea to your beloved and suddenly it changes to the love for motherland......Brilliant.
‘I loved another woman a mother My motherland….’ 180 degree shift! Total poetic anticlimax! With a but… its love for country to sever love of fiancée is great Ten+ ++ Ms. Nivedita Thanks for comments Cordially invite to read and comment on Enigmatic Navel Lie Sly or other poems. niv PS You’re winner and your fiancée will love you more for your idealism.
beautifully sad.......
My sin is I loved my country Rachel Ann Butler
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