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A Letter To Robert
JT ( / Owensboro, KY)

A Letter To Robert

You are my beautiful baby boy,
You gave my life boundless joy,
You took our family from two to three,
And now, it's time for you to leave.
Thirteen years they say is old,
Just thirteen years I can't let go,
My heart is breaking right into,
I can't imagine life without you.
You've been my shadow everyday,
You've been my friend and never strayed,
I never considered that someday you'd leave,
I still can't make myself believe.
You're growing weaker as the hours pass,
And I know that your strength can't last,
I roll your ball ~ No sparks to play,
I get your legs ~ You don't pull away.
You're not hungry anymore,
Not for ham or chicken or treats galore,
You're carried now from out to in,
From room to room and back again.
Your legs no longer help you stand,
So your sister gives you a hand,
In hopes to help find food that you will eat,
She cruises with you up & down fast food streets.
You are 'my son' and her 'brother' too,
And as you know 'we both love you.'
So take from us what you need,
It's hard for us to set you free,
Even Blacker your old mama cat,
Still guards and protects you between her naps.
So Dear Son, we must all let go,
It's time for your long journey 'Home',
Go where the sun is always out,
With lots of shade trees strewn about,
With plenty of room for you and sis to play ball,
And I'll bring your necklace when I come to call.
There'll be long walks and games to play,
Our Family restored to yesterday,
We'll have time then to laugh and catch-up,
It'll be like starting over when you were a pup.

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