KT (12 January 1997 / Kutlwanong Location Odendaalsrus)

A Letter To Romeo


Million letters I wrote and sent
My Romeo none of them you read
Perhaps you read but never responded.
I.. I only wish you'd respond to this letter
For it's the last drop of my pen on this blank page..

It's been ages
And it feels like I cannot go another day without seeing you
You are long gone
Wherever you are
I only anticipate you remember me..

Said.....you needed time to think things through
Was it supposed to be years?
You left.. And I never heard of you
My heart bleeds
My eyes are sobbing monotonous tears
For your absence stabbed my heart with a sharp knife.
My soul is crying for a love that you took from me...

My eyes reflect a recapture that bore my heart with ache
Our memories are now my sweetest nightmares....
All I remember is you kissing my neck
whispering words of eternity in my ear
Your golden circle on my finger drown me deep in pain..

Is it a symbol of love?
Or that of sorrow?
How do I hold on to a ring without you near me?
Is it a test of my love?
Oh! My Romeo
How do I cross another gloom without your touch?

My Romeo
this is my last letter to write
My last chance to anticipate
My last day to fantasise
My last drop of tear to fall into this paper..
My last drop of ink into this poem..

Your response my love
Might awake my spirit to ink magic words of love
Now....... No more...

yours sincerely

by Kwenadi Thobejane

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