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A Letter To The Fallen Catholic
TRR (August 22,1977 / San Francisco Bay Area)

A Letter To The Fallen Catholic

Judge more than tenderly of me.
Society whispers ideas that sink the virtuous ideals of
faith, hope and love—
especially those new ideas of yours.

Hypocrites! they’ll shout, but fail to spot their own character flaws.
Sellers of gory images almost two thousand years old! they’ll rave
during inebriated moments of selfishness and fear and loathing.
Get over it! they’ll screech until you submit and join their flock that
remains on the crooked asphalt,
birds scraping by on chunks of choice meal
a generous Catholic placed before them.
Dissect their words before you continue your judgment of Us.
I can see they’ve made up your mind.
But open your eyes and heart.

Lend me your ear.

If I’ve wronged you:
Tell me what I can do and I’ll work on it.
Understand my direct message when I turn the other cheek.

Do you believe that high above this world’s storms rides
the mighty Sun?
Do you take what you can in Life,
when you can—thus learning nothing of humanity?

Society continues to whisper as the divine pray for the awakening of
fallen angels.
My eyes tend to be blinded from time to time,
society being clever and false.
But I’m rooting for you and I.

And what now?
Who’s wronging who when insults are cast toward People who are
Everyone on this earth is fallible
and subject to making paltry life decisions.
You believe mankind is in the gutter,
living a brutal life Faith cannot help?
But It can help those who may seek a life better.
It has proven to be a most powerful witness.
It will engineer brilliance in humble form.

Lend me your ear.

Oscar Wilde was correct when he spoke of being in the gutter,
how “some of us are looking up at the stars.”
And on his BED he confirmed his Belief.
We pray for the belief in the humanity
this world should be working toward.
You may call me as you wish,
but I ask you to remove your blindfold before you do,
and block out society’s whispers and actions that tackle your mind.
I feel we should celebrate each other, even if you may not agree.


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