TA (27 july / nigeria)

A Letter To Your Heart.

I seek for the nicest of words to write you
Still non equates what i feel deep down for you
i try to express myself with the most beautiful words
But i wld rather show you the most beautiful piece of my heart
A heart of gold and a heart of ruby
Much love i bring but much more i seek.
i wish to give you my all and have it back in return.

I would rather wait till when u r comfortable enough to show an atom of love back in return than have somone else fill up your space
My heart is drawn and my heart is made up.
This is not lust, this is not infatuation
Give me an open arm and you would have no cause to regret.
But Your silence is blur and your reactions are yet unknown
i find it hard to fathom
i wish you would let me give you my all and get it back in return.

Every time you come my way, the passion burns deep inside like wild flowers
i wish i could explain in the simplest of terms how the best things comes from the rarest places
Not even your distance would Kill how i feel about you,
Not even your silence would push me away from you
Cause i feel so lonely without you

You say its something you aint used to.
But i say its something rare, u can explore
But if someone else has your heart
i want you to know you have someone else's heart
A heart that would bleed till you show that love in return.

i pray you get to read this someday, if you ever do please write back.

From a heart that longs for you.

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My friend, beauty radiates through this well penned, romantic love confession letter you have shared with the World! It clearly shows your passion, feelings and poetic talent! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with more of your talented writes! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ....