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A Letters From A Distance
(06.08 1983 r. / Gdynia)

A Letters From A Distance

along time ago, a wind already brushed grass,
with rain are washed, to clean
and clouds then again covered my world
because you are writing me in letters

that there is green around, and is sunny
and transparent colours of the sky.
only so longingly, for me is something reason,
and you only need us...

the sun already, went for itself into the distance.
drowsily, and dusk is falling
I don't know, why I am feeling regret.
probably, a rain is starting then again.

for the second time, I am reading
that there is sunny, and transparent
colours of the sky and I already know,
what you are lacking - you only need her...

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Very beautiful poem. I like it. It is good written. :)