A Liar's Words

A liar is a Satan’s angel
No wings, he believes in spreading joy
Lacks perspective perpetually criticized
Mostly loved for his portrayal of reality
Smooth talker loves vanity
Never disappears inspires morality
He touches our lives every day every night
Too easy to believe
Too simple to hide

Who wants truth?
Its old and ruthless
Never spares us on a bad day
A liar is a true friend
Saves you always comforts every time
Beautiful lies come and go
We wait for them throughout our lives
Don’t worry there is no selectivity
No partiality, conscience rarely speaks
When she speaks her incoherent words fall on deaf ears.

Denial is the only companion
Always ready to defend a liar’s word
No shame just a gaudily dressed disgrace
Too much in your face
Better than a naked truth staring helplessly lame
He is one among us
Or is it always us with a different face showing at a different place?
Culprit and victim in front of each other
In the mirror we see a body of lies
Shockingly true reality bites!


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