A Lie

Poem By Poornima Kanasen

Seems genuine but not,
Questions different facets of truth,
But the truth is hidden beneath all disputes,
Left unnoticed, unattended and unclaimed,
The truth remains dormant,

In a world where satisfaction can’t be pronounced,
It dominates, it abides, and it hovers,
Feelings aren’t valued anymore,
A whole lot lays barren, spiritless,
Nothing is mere, lucid or veritable,

A lie speaks for another,
A well intentioned untruth is still a lie,
A lie is a lie,
No such thing as little lie,
Can’t be straightened, can’t be taken back
The way you yell into a forest, the way it echoes out.
You square up for your misdemeanor,

In the throes of calamity, life’s forgotten,
Untruth, a lie, stays real,
Instead of solidity and life itself,
When a lie is entrusted to us, unbidden,
Witness the threadbare of humanity…

A lie camouflages the truth,
Yet, the practice doesn’t vanish,
As forbidden fruit is the sweetest….

Comments about A Lie

whatever a person camaflogues to establish a lie, the truth will surface in time to nail it. ur anguish on lie is well apprecisted. posted 10 for u surya
A sweet lie is liked by everyone, whereas a blunt truth is disliked by all.
A beautiful poem, Poornima! ! Jon xxx
poornima, its deep and profound...good work...wish u read some of mine poems too...keep writing...

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