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** A Life **

Your hidden jellylike fleshes irritate
My little warm brother
Embracing your inner organisms
Authenticating the friendliness
Adorable of pinky madness
Stumbled upon the insertion
Lava flowing with enriched
Armageddon of nutritious juices
Like driving down
The alley of Mount Everest
The reason why mankind
Existence is penultimate
We cannot erase
The pleasure
A life

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Well, the title caught my attention and the poem is simply beautiful. Well done
life is one, pleasures are many, including the ones mentioned here..........read my poem called MAGNETS
Life is self-breeding! It has always umpredictable ways to show us the wonders of love. Lovely poem!
very nyc poem! ! keep it up! !
no words needed to describe this 1..10s again for #6....see i told you i will pay you back for the favor which is no favor at all..need the comment n the votes..im lacking
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