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A Life Can Change
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A Life Can Change

A fragile soul
Voice full of freedom and laughter
You loved, and let yourself down
Danced in a room with you
a room full of equals
yet you felt so small.
Afterward, you left for a while
and now you're in my life again
But you don't know
Maybe you never will
Your name is in every prayer
under this heartfelt sky
How small is the world?
Your feet covered many grounds
and traveled to unknown places
Maybe you never knew your own worth
And while you crossed my mind today
you stayed a while
I didn't mind. I never have.
So the next hello
will be some sort of goodbye
in your re-entrance to the world
Parts are crossed
breaths are held
knees are knelt
She said All we can do is pray
Don't cry, mother
you only have to wait for the rest of your life.
And just like that, a life can change

So many others in its path
The path unchosen
You have opened a new realm
of hope and of sorrow
The combination is unbearable
One more drive
We're still young
I don't mind maximum capacity
You didn't know you were so close
yet so far from everyone, now
If you can hold on, get your grip
The trip could be long
Tomorrow it could end
It's probably your choice
Make the right one
In the end
It comes down to what you want of what is left
So many hands
We could never get to you
I want to get to you

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