A Life Devoid Of All Vices

I was about to use my blender
to make a big, beautiful Hurricane
which I figured would help
blow me away

Then I remembered
a lot of folks have told me
not to drink

Well, I don't smoke anymore
What's next?

Is a life devoid of all vices
worth living?

I doubt I'd do well as a monk
I just know the funny hat would itch

But, then again
I guess I would have
a lot of time to
dream about love
that could have been

or else just sit around and
write my memoirs...

kind of like prisoners do

by Jeffrey Philip Clegg

Comments (2)

Very well said! Being a Scot, this poem is just perfect! Hugs Anna xxx
Jeff...this one cracks me up...the hat would itch? Oy Vey! Only you, Dorkrey!