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'A Life Full Of Lies'
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'A Life Full Of Lies'

I have let myself fall,
Fall into this life full of lies.
Now my walls are crumbling
As i recall all the things,
The things you said.
You said that you loved me
You said it was destined that we meet
You said never hurt me
You said we would spend eternity together
You said you would never leave me
You said we would die together
Its not to ironic though that they were all lies
But now as if Destined
I am standing here alone
With this blade in hand
You had said you would be there for me
But where are you in the midst of all this
Were all those things just lies
You have hurt me
Hurt me so much
With all these lies
That you keep living by
But now as I think back
Back to when i thought you loved me
The only things that come to mind is
Why lie about LOVE
-The most romantic thing ever
Why say you love me
-When you knew you never did
Why did we share all those fond moments together
-Or were all those just lies also
Now Im not sure if my memories about you
Are just lies too
But from all your lies
Thye have left these scars
Scars that will remind me of this love
That was never meant to be
Was this all just one big lie
Or is it something bigger
Are we all just living a life of just lies.

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Comments (2)

Ahhh....the angst of the break up... First love, David? Good questions...and I'm sure you'll find...as I do on a daily basis...that the 'illusions' go far deeper than 'love' and 'romance' - in fact, they extend into our governmental policies, our religious dogma, every aspect of our social network, our history books, our family politics, etc., etc., etc. It's good to ask questions though...and then arrive at your own truth....
You ask a good question David......why do some people lie about love? Very good poem. Sincerely, mary