A Life Full Of Tragedies

Poem By Asif Andalib

Where sweet dreams turn into horrific nightmares
Where how you feel nobody really cares
Where whatever you do bears no fruit
Where you become a tree without root
Where efforts are useless and bring despair
Where happiness is like mirage and rare
There how will you find love and peace?
It’s a life full of tragedies!

Comments about A Life Full Of Tragedies

As I've written in one of my poems: It is in bitterness, that we even appreciate our love's sweetest moments. This poem is sad and full of despair. The poet is looking for love? I believe that without one, life will never be complete. Continue to hope, your destiny is not yet over. A very good write.
Well written..nice poem
I like this one very much, I always makesure that I put a twist in the end of my thoughts because i never know who is going to read my poetry. I try to put a positive thought just to let them know that there are other ways at looking at life. I truely love this one though
Despair and disillusion well mirrored
Great poem buddy very well done

5,0 out of 5
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