A Life I Cannot Live With You

Poem By Kimberly Santistevan

We both know we are not meant to be
I love him
I wish that you could really see.

Hurting you is not what I want to do.
It’s the truth
That is from deep inside of me.

I love him
I have loved him more
Than you could know.

I’m happy that you’re my friend
I just hate it when you tell me you love me
And the plans that you have for us.

You make me feel bad
You make me like I’m hurting you
You said that you are waiting for me.

I lay here crying
Knowing deep inside that
I have hurt you even though
You say I didn’t.

We both know we cannot be
I love another
Me and you are just friends
But you want and need more.

I’m sorry I can’t do that
I wish you could see
I love him
And you make me feel terrible.

Give me a few days to think
But leave me alone
Quit telling me that I am so much to you.

You are my friend
Nothing more
And nothing less.

Comments about A Life I Cannot Live With You

i totally agree with kelsey.b it is a really good poem and obviously heartfelt
i love it. good writting. and a great use of words

4,8 out of 5
2 total ratings

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