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A Life In Nothing

Do you know how painful it is to get dressed up for you?
Do you know how sad it is,
A lonely girl with no one in the audience for her?
Poems, stories, all with the central theme of your abandonment.
You always tell me that you have no time.
I’m a brat, spoiled as can be, for demanding a night.
Whereas movies that you’ve seen hundreds of times, over and over,
That’s okay.
It’s not that you have no time…
It’s that you have no time for me.
Just ask your movies and wasted hours.

But guess what?
As you sat there, volume turned up,
The glow of the television, dancing on your face,
Refusing to “waste” a moment on my life,
My moments flew by, I grew and I flourished.
Didn’t you realize that you missed my life?

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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hey Melissa! I really liked this poem. my guess it's a grown girl, telling her father that she as changed and he didn't even noticed. i'ts sad, but with lot of anger. And I love they way you finished, with a directly question, to the character who caused the reason of the poem.