A Life Of Death, Or The Death Of Life

So my question to you is simple and yet sharp as a knife,
Are you living a life of death or the death of your life?
Is death coming suddenly, or are you just wasting away?
Which of these morose questions holds the truth I cannot say,

by Andre Veilleux Click to read full poem

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A question oft we shy away from. Especially when life we live is death and we stick with it. Yet if there is a death a burial must follow. This is much like hiding a corpse inside oneself as life. But what's dead cannot be hidden for it starts to stink. Your poem is beautiful in it's silent challenge.
very nice usage of words.. life of death or daeth of life
Are you living a life of death or the death of your life? a pregnant question . the answer we shall find shall be always positive. that is the poet's sublime duty. we shall fill this world with joyful answers. thank you.
End of life is sure for the lady and so, it just waits to accept her destiny!
nice work... two questions worthy of attention...
Sometimes the questions might appear to be simplistic but the answers are not that simple to come by. Is it because the matter is that of life and death? The poem leaves a very painful feeling.
it has a lot of meaning for sure....
wow that is realy good and meaningful :)
That is beatiful and good :)