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A Life Of Glass

I pick up a light bulb and fill it with glass
i melt it away
then fall on my ass
my troubles are gone
and my lungs are bleeding
for the moment everything is solid
everything pure
i plateau upon the sky and let out a breath
my world of glass shatters
my downward spiral begins again
i plumet towards reality at a freightening speed
my young skin turns to dirt infront of me
my face whithers and my bones crack
im on the down and nothing can stop me
i become the beast in the closet and my roar will be heard
my head clears and i find myself staring at the bathroom floor
im searching
searching for the glass that has shattered
its here somewhere and i know it
the demons behind me catch up
and stand ahead of me again
their hands out and waiting for cash
my bones aching waiting for the next rock
the rocks melt into a puddle along with my mind again
the flame heats my blood until it boils
i spin the pipe just as fast as my head
i inhale another breath of tasty drain cleaner
i feel my mind seperating from my body
and im back on top
on top again

by eric leavitt

Comments (3)

I am glad it was realistic and also glad that it is harsh. But thats only because I can truely say I have been there and done that. I was addicted to meth for 7 years, but in the end i would say it tought me very well.
I have seen first hand the hell it can create and your poem is true. I hope you write from an outside observation. Nice words. I will hang them in the patrol room.
Intense.....I hope it's fictional. Sincerely, Mary