HG ( / Sheffield, England)

A Life Snuffed Out By Just One More

A winding snake, half red, half white.
pay attention, it may bite!
It curves 'cross country, curls round towns,
stay alert, don't look down!
A tongue that forks both left and right,
eyes that shine into the night.

The nightime road that many trek,
some drink and drive, say 'what the heck'
Then round a corner do they at speed,
a life snuffed out, without need.
Forever changed, the lives of many,
the fine they'll get, a pretty penny.
But had that drink, at oh what cost,
now that innocent life is lost.

For gathered round at cold bare grave,
drenched in tears, but being so brave.
Are those that have been left behind,
and robbed of a life, that once did shine.

Heath Gunn

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